Over the last two decades, the JBI has undertaken considerable work in developing nations with vulnerable populations. We have done this by providing sponsored access to resources that correlate with local needs. However, the ability to provide and expand this service to those most vulnerable in developing nations is impacted by the availability of local clinicians trained in how to use these resources.
Mindful of this, the Joanna Briggs Foundation (JBF) is working to raise funds that enable health
professionals from developing nations to travel to Adelaide, South Australia, to undertake training with the JBI in their most critical areas of need.

Extending the Reach to Indigenous communities in Australia

Within Australia, the JBF also funds health improvement programs and scholarships relating
to Indigenous communities. In partnership with the South Australian Medical Research
Institute and the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organization (NACCHO), the JBI leads a Centre for Indigenous Health Research funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia.

Through the JBF, the best-practice work of the JBI can be made available both to developing nations and to Indigenous communities in Australia. Our Clinical Fellowships Program for developing countries has already changed health practices and is saving thousands of lives through best practice, evidence based health care.

The Institute and the Foundation have the potential to make significant, enduring, life-changing differences in many people’s lives.The Foundation is now working with philanthropic partners to capitalize on these investments, with the aim of ensuring better health outcomes.
With the ongoing support of individuals and corporates, the Joanna Briggs Foundation
can support many more medical doctors and specialists from disadvantaged communities to
implement life-saving procedures and practices.
The Joanna Briggs Foundation supports the work of the Joanna Briggs Institute in:

• developing a strong, reliable medical research knowledge bank for the developing world

• providing access to this medical research and teaching health professionals how to use it

• training key medical and health specialists develop the skills and knowledge to improve health  outcomes in their regions and to lead others in targeted areas of health improvements

• assist the Joanna Briggs Collaborating Centres within the developing countries of  Africa, Thailand, Myanmar/Burma, Vietnam and India to support the health professionals in their region to promote evidence-based practices and improve health outcomes.

The poorest countries of the world need support and guidance in making health decisions. The Joanna Briggs Foundation does this by providing the most up to date medical health  research.

Individuals and entire communities can develop the skills and knowledge to improve health outcomes in their regions.